Simple applications filling the gap for the discrening user

Signal Notification was started as a personal project that provided something that I wanted as a user.  I desired the ability to see me true signal strength at a glance without scrolling through a lot of menus to reach the information.  Signal Notification places this information in the status bar and on the home screen so you always know what the true strength of your signal is.

Dead Silence was another app that filled a void in the Android system.  It was often difficult to completely mute a phone without using multiple options or menus to get it done.  This simple widget lets you configure what you want to be muted and it will toggle those settings with one touch.

Signal Helper is a utility that was implemented to help troubleshoot issues that people were having with the Signal Notification app but is useful as a stand alone product.  The app displays all of the information that is available about your current connection.